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I have 5 AP point in the  Building cisco 1232AG-A-K9 Stand alone mode .
I bought WLC 2112 I want to be able to do the Configuration and  monitoring  of all the AP from the WLC.
I change the Mode of one AP from Stand to autonomous System .
is there any reference to  configure the AP through the WLC or video for that
I found configuration guide in cisco site but I need practical examples or if there are any learning video for that .
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This guide will show you everything needed to configure your WLC:


Give it ip, power up the ap:s and see if they associate with the controller. If they do, try to create a WLAN (ssid) and see what happens. If you get stuck please post your specific questions here.



I need a configuration example how o configure becasue I didn't find any .


didn't find any advice

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