jQuery Dropdown Issue - IE7 only

Hi Experts,

I am having a difficult time trying to fix a drop-down issue using jQuery and IE7. I am a seasoned developer with in-depth knowledge of CSS and and XHTML only, the debugger in IE's development tool isn't showing up CSS styles for some reason. So I turn to you...

I'm currently preparing the site on-line so you can take a look at the issue - there are some other cross-browser problems but these are in hand.

The Problem:

On our top navigation dropdown is floating behind the content as displayed in the screenshots attached. As mentioned this problem only exists in IE7.

Can you help please? Is this a known bug??

Thank you

 Before Dropdown in IE7 After Dropdown in IE7 How it looks in Firefox
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a link to the site would make it easier to debug.

it could be a positioning / z-index issue.

have you tried firebug lite for IE, the new version is surprisingly good. you can do pretty much the same as the firefox one, changing styles on the fly etc. which you couldn't do before.

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wilson1000Author Commented:
Thank you! Didn't hear of Firebug Lite, you legend!
wilson1000Author Commented:
For the record, it was a layout issue. The drop-down was inside the top navigation bar. IE7 had an issue understanding this.

<did id="navbar">
 <!-- menu -->
  <div id="dropdown"></div>

After I relocated it outside the nav bar, all roses!

Thanks again :o)
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