Rerouted in Internet Explorer (strange problem)

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I'm having a problem with one of my machines.  Whenever the user opens internet explorer and tries to go to a website for example: : he will be re-routed to another site.
If the user closes the rerouted site's window and then tries again he will be directed to
In other words; the re-routing only happens once; and even if you close IE it will not re-route you again until the following day.
I know this sounds a lot like spyware but malwarebytes didn't catch nor AVG.  

Any ideas?

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It does sound very strange.  Normally I would say check the hosts file (windows->system32->drivers->etc), but that would always redirect.  Sounds more like a registry key - spybot may find something like that and I'm unsure where it might be located.
Suggestions:       C:>ipconfig /flushdns  - flush the DNS on the effected machine.  

The test could be so:  Boot per normal. wait for redirect.  
What page are you redirected to? I
s it the same one each time?
 Is it a common theme?

Close Browser, reload URL to get to correct page on 2nd attempt.

Flush the DNS

Reopen Page  - Does it load now that the DNS cache is wiped?

Check the DNS settings on the effected machine via C:>ipconfig /flushdns

Paste back the results of this machine and one that is having no issues.  Are the DNS different?


Seems to have worked.
Thank you so much

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