How do I move all printers from one print server to another?

I built a new server that I want to move my printers to.  I used the printer migrator tool 3.1 from windows and it seemed to only move ports and drivers.  Is it supposed to move printers qeues and everything or just drivers?  How do I get it so I can just import printers in without re installing them all?  Thanks a lot
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Sorry posted to soon.

Printmig should pull over all printers. Did you try to restart the spooler, are you getting any errors?
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TriCountyITAuthor Commented:
Thats the utility i used.  It didnt move any of the ques.  When I look at printers and faxes there is nothing listed.  The only thing that came was ports and drivers.
TriCountyITAuthor Commented:
Ya I am getting a lot of driver errors.  This is the same server OS as the original print server.
Krzysztof PytkoSenior Active Directory EngineerCommented:
Try moving folder Printers from old server %WINDIR%\SYSTEM32\Spool to the new server.

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What are the errors you are getting.

It sounds like an issue with kernel mode drivers maybe. Take a look at this sand see if you are blcoking them
If they are Kernel mode I would see if there are updated drivers for those printers.
Print Migrator ceates a .CAB file with all of the server's printer drivers & port information when you backup the printers.  If you copy this file to the new 2003 server and run the Print Migration utility again (restoring from the original .cab file) the same "print server" configuration should result.  You can manually uninstall any printers that result from the restore process afterward.
If you are using kernel mode drivers on the originating server there should be an error displayed during the restore process.  Occasionally the restore process needs to be run again.  This is fine and using the same .cab file is fine.
If you are trying to restore this .cab file to a 2008 server then you may want to use the 2008 printer utility instead.
TriCountyITAuthor Commented:
I disabled kernel mode.  When I first tried restoring I got the kernel mode error.  I went into gpedit and disabled that setting so it allowed me to restore.  
Can you post some of the errors you are getting
TriCountyITAuthor Commented:
They are errors about cannot find a suitable driver.
...are both of the servers 2003 x32 or is one x64?
TriCountyITAuthor Commented:
Printer Admin Copier failed to initialize because a suitable SHARP AR-M355N PCL5e driver could not be found.

This is one of the many errors I get.   Basically each printer has this error.
TriCountyITAuthor Commented:
They are both 64 bit server 2003 boxes.  
TriCountyITAuthor Commented:
One is SP2 and one is SP1.  Could that do it?
...can you verify the installation point for the drivers on the originating server?  Also, occasionally security applied to the .CAB file can inhibit the restore process.

TriCountyITAuthor Commented:
What is the installation point?
TriCountyITAuthor Commented:
I reinstalled teh server using the SP2 disks so I will keep you posted on if it works or not.  Thanks
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