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I  dont use auto arrange to organize my desktop icons .  I have them spread on my desktop in my own haphazard way.   THe question is  how to I lock my desktop icon so they remain where they are.   I  played with the auto arrange and align to grid  option but they dont seem to work.   Icon keep  moving on me.   Moving because I accidently drag over or for some other reason
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Try Fences, it is free download and great program.
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Never found a good method to do this reliably, but have found several utils to backup icon position... All free.....

Desktop Icon Save and Restore

DIPS.exe (Desktop Icon Position Saver)

Link in the above thread. You can create a simple shortcut to c:\Dips.exe R, and it will auto restore the layout... Almost madatory if you RDP into this machine, and you have multiple monitors (where all the icons shift to one side....). Nothing runs in memory...

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I'll throw in Iconoid as well to do the job.

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