I got toshipa satallite pro l4500-12x

Hello expert , I need an opinion about this laptop with details if its good to buy it or not , brand new one , thks
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Hi Hnael,

Toshiba laptops are quality laptops in general, the question is how much does it cost. This model is not a very fast computer, but you can watch HD movies, surf on the net. In general, it's an office laptop, so it's good for everything you'd need in an office. However, you cannot play very complex games. At the description you should look at the processor first: simple (like this), dual-core (or core 2 duo) or i3. I3 is the best (at the moment)

hnaelAuthor Commented:
It does not say if it is dual or not I know this is v.important thing , thats why I sent you the model no  so if you can find out aabout this thing , Its 2.2 ghz processor which is not bad . but thought all new ones at least dual core because intel stuff is thing of the past am I right ?
There are two processor makers: Intel and AMD, both of them makes 2-core 4-core processors (wich means that they have 2/4 engine in one processor) so Intel is not a think of the past, in fact it is the most used processor. I would not recommend amd processor in a laptop because it produces extreem heat.

Your processor is Intel (if it does not say dualcore or core 2 duo or doal-core 2 or something like tht, it means that it is a simple processor) (the model varies, but in most cases toshiba uses intel) and it is a single core processor. It is a bit outdated nowadays, and most likely you woun't see this type of processor in january  2011.

Let me make a category:

1.7 Ghz single core - you can find only used ones on ebay
2 Ghz single core - outdated, rare and cheap laptops
2.2-3.2 Ghz single core - outdated, not produced anymore, only on stock (sometimes it is worth buying)
2.0-2.5 dual-core - nice processors,very good quality/price balance
2.5 Ghz + too high prices
i3 - hi-end processor if you have money it worth buying
i5 - super hi-end but still worth buying if you can afford it
i7 - omg, astronomical prices

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hnaelAuthor Commented:
ofcourse intel is the best , sorry what I meant is single processor intel as u mentioned , but thks alot . I think I will use any tool to identify the chip inside .tks
hnaelAuthor Commented:
thks .
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