IMA Service Wont start in XenApp06 -2147483647

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I have to presentation servers in the farm. One is running the fine and the other fails when starting the XenApp service.

The Citrix Independent Management Architecture service terminated with service-specific error %%-2147483647.
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Try this:
      1. Open the ODBC control panel on the server.

      2. Locate the "IMADirectory" Data Source name under the file or system DSN tab.

      3. Highlight the IMADirectory and select the configure tab.

      4. Note the path and database file; for example, C:\program files\citrix\IndependentManagementarchitecture\imalhc.mdb.

      5. Stop the IMA Service.

      6. Rename the file imalhc.mdb with a file extension other than .mdb.

      7. Restart the IMA Service. The above error message will appear.

      8. Rename the file in Step 6 back to imalhc.mdb.

      9. Restart the IMA Service. The service will start successfully.

Also check to check to see if the domain or local user configured to start the IMA Service has [i]Log On As A Service right[/i] on the local machine. For this to happen the account must have full control for several files and registry entries on the local machine.

1. Add the local or domain user to the local Administrators group.

2. When selecting the user account in the IMA Service Logon dialog box, ensure the pop-up window The account has been granted the Logon as a Service right appears. If it does not appears, you need to manually grant the right to the user.

3. Open Regedt32.exe and give Full Control rights to the local Administrators group on the following registry key:


Hope that helps!!
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1. Restart the server
2. Recreate LHC using dsmaint recreatelhc
3. Try to start ima service
If still fails, then check on the working server. Right click on citrix ima>properties> select logon > check how it s logged on? using network account or local. CHeck the same on the non-working server.
jrobertsceipDirector, Information Technology


Still no luck trying either solution.

In the first solution, the reg key does not exist.

Recreated LHC, it is larger on the one that it is working.

Both the working and the failing IMA server have the same logon for the service.
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Check under IMA service subsystem:
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You also have more link under more information column in the above link.

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