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I have an Asus RT-16N router and a win2003 server running a website.
After I have upgraded to the latest Asus firmware the website on the server was innaccesible.
Then I have switched to DD-WRT firmware and set up all port forwards, 80 for web, and 53,42 and 1025 for DNS, but the website is still innaccesible.

What I am doing wrong? Is there another port which I need to forward?
the website url is: mobivel.com
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I don't know exactly what's going wrong, but the website is accessible from here. So you've got everything covered.

If you're trying to access the website internally by going to mobivel.com it won't work since you're on the same network. You'll need to use the web server's internal ip (or name) to connect to the site.

Hope that helps.


I don't understand why it does not work from LAN?, it worked before.


I cannot access by the internal IP because I have 5 websites on the server, how can I choose which one I want to see?
The problem is that you can't access the outside NAT'd IP from inside the LAN.

Try creating an internal dns entry for that website. (web server ip > mobivel.com)

Or another solution would be to edit the hosts file (C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc)
and add an entry for the server (web server ip > mobivel.com)

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