Hosted Outlook Exchange problems

I am using a hosted Outlook Exchange for scheduling patiens for 15 clinitians. Each clinitian has an email account and shares their calendars back with 6 admin staff. The admin staff updates the schedules for each clinitian. Sometimes two staff member will be accessing the same calendar but scheduling appointments at different times. I have worked with our host and been unsuccessful in resolving an issue of latency. It can take as much as 40 seconds to open a calendar or to create an appointment oin a calendar. We have has appointments that were cached on one computer not update to another. So. . . I turned off Exchane Cache but this only slowed things more.

Then this morning when we tried to schedule an appointment on one calendar we were presented with a Meeting Request form rather than an appointmnet. We could not get it to take an appointment.

Is there anyone who uses a hosted exchange account to schedule patients? Are there settings that are creating this problem?

Any help will be appreciated. I am about to loose a client oover these issues.

Thanks, Ray
Ray ErgenbrightAsked:
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Where is it hosted?  It sounds like network latency, not an Exchange issue per-se, but a network issue.
Ray ErgenbrightAuthor Commented:
I am using for hosting.
I would say contact them, but your post says you already have.  The only other option would be to run ping/latency tests on your network link from the client site and see if you can find the bottleneck.

Apart from that you could look into using another provider.  Microsoft does Exchange hosting these days for about the same price as Mailstreet as do Google.  You could try getting a couple test accounts with an alternative provider to see if it is the host or a network issue.

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Ray ErgenbrightAuthor Commented:
I am switching to GoDaddy as we speak. all latency testing showed nothing. So a change of hsot may be the only solution. Next step will be in house. Thanks for looking at my issue
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