Forwarding a phone call before answering Cisco Call Manager 7.x

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We are running a Cisco Communications Manager 7825 Server with OS Version 7.1.3. I am wondering ithere is an option to be able to forward a phone call to another phone when it is incoming, but before the phone call is answered, so that if someone calls phone A, as phone A rings, I can forward that call to Phone B without first picking up the phone. But only on a per phone call basis, Not CfwdAll.
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Unfortunately, this can not be done natively in CUCM (you may be able to script something in UCCX though). The button provided intended for such a function is called "Transfer" However, the only softkey buttons you can configure for a phone which is ringing are:
Answer (Answer)
Immediate Divert (iDivert)
Toggle Do Not Disturb (DND)

Unfortunately, iDivert only diverts the caller to voicemail. I suppose you could change the voicemail number to be another number but that would break voicemail for your entire enterprise.

In order to get the 'Transfer' option, you have to pick the call up first.

It would have been great if Cisco added the option to automatically divert a call when you press DND as this would meet your (and Im sure many others') requirement.
If you wanted to use iDivert, you could set up a whole new Voicemail profile which contains the number of the extension you wish to divert to instead of a voicemail pilot just for your device profile and see if iDivert will send the caller to that. This would mean you would lose voicemail but would not break it for the enterprise. It also means you could only divert it to that one number. Also, you would have to disable call forwarding to voicemail for any other purpose to prevent, for example, calls being diverted to that number when you are busy, not available etc.

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