External Outlook 2007 client is still pointing to old server

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We recently migrated a client from a hosted exchange server to an onsite SBS 2008 server.  All workstation work fine, however one laptop that was setup to access the hosted exchange is having an issue.  We set it up to connect to Outlook over the Internet - when we open outlook, it connects fine and downloads all the messages/syncs with the new server.  However, every few minutes we get a popup saying:
Allow this website to configure email@domain.com server settings?
  Your account was redirected to this website for settings.
You should onjly allow settings from souorces  you know and trust.

We have tried selecting "don't ask about this website again" and chosing cancel - but it still pops up.  We have also said allow, but it just prompts for incorrect username/password.
We have tried a new outlook profile AND a new Windows profile - but the message still pops up.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Does the user have the same issue on a another computer ?

also I do now know if this options is availabale in 2007 (it is in 2010), but worth a shot:

goto EMS and type:

Set-Mailbox -Identity firstname.latname@yourdomain.com -applymandatoryproperties,

This sounds like a DNS issue.  Is this happening both inside and outside the network?  Autodiscover checks the domain and looks for the auto redirect record.  It may be that there's still an entry for the old hosted system.


JuusoConnecta:  This is the only computer experiencing this issue - but also the only computer using Oultook over the Internet.  I ran the command you mentioned and got "WARNING: The command completed successfully but no settings have been modified".  The message still pops up.

dblaylock0315: Yes, happens both internally and externally.  I flushed/registered dns, verified no wierd entries were in the dns on network adapter and host file.  
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For the dns issue, I was referring to server side dns.  If you ping autodiscover.domain.com, does it resolve to the correct external IP address for your new 2008 server?


Ah - yes it pings the old hosted server.
I will see what i can do to get that dns record changed and get back to you.  Thanks!
Any updates on this?  Just curious to see if you were able to resolve.

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