Networking two computers, one using parallels

Bruce Gust
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I have been able to get my two computers to "talk" to one another, with one small caveat:

While the Mac is seeing the computer upstairs after having run the Wizard that I generated using the computer topside, the Windows side of my Mac (I'm running parallels), doesn't seem to see it. Plus, I can't figure out how to access the computer upstairs either.

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What do your network settings in Parallels look like?
Bruce GustPHP Developer


When you click on "My Network Places" in the Windows environment, under "Local Network," you see the Home directory which is where I keep my documents on the Mac side. Under "Internet," I've got "Bruce Gust's Public Folder" on iMac which has my Drop Box on it.
Are you sharing your network connection in Parallels, or does the PC have its own IP address?  It might work better if the PC has its own IP address.
you need to make sure they are in the same workgroup
Are your network controllers for your virtual machines bridged?  They need to be to for each machine to see each other.

Are they on the same IP address subnet?

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