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Is there anyway to trace what computer is a user logging on a database from? I want to see if more than 1 users use a specific user name and who are those users. If I can trace their computer then I can find out who they are. For example if I have the username "JohnDoe" , I want to see who is using it to log in the database.
So far I was able to trace when the user has activity by filtering by Login Name but not who is actually using that username.

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If you are using SQL Profiler, COMPUTERNAME or HOSTNAME is an available column.
Try with this select:

select user_name (uid) as [user], loginame, DB_NAME (dbid) as [database], nt_username, hostname, COUNT (*) [Number of connections]
      from sys.sysprocesses with (nolock) where hostname <> ''
group by loginame, nt_username, hostname, dbid, uid
order by 1


That's exactly what I needed! Thanks!

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