Screen will only display windows xp when running in VGA mode

Hi there,

I have a PC with an onboard video card, and when I boot it up, as windows starts the screen goes blank and shows no signal. If however I boot up in VGA mode, the screen works fine, but as soon as I attempt to change the screen resolution to something better, the screen again goes blank. Nothing looks out of the ordinary with the Hz or Resolution settings. From what I can tell they are at the screens native settings. I tried this on a different monitor, and it had the same results. Does this mean the video card, on the MoBo is shot? Any ideas?
Corey HaeckerSupport ManagerAsked:
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Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information SystemsCommented:
Could be a card problem, but it's more likely there's a problem with the video card driver.  Try updating that and try again.

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Corey HaeckerSupport ManagerAuthor Commented:
OK, I will try. Just to let everyone know. This system was working. We use it as a backup.  This issue occurred after a few months of the PC lying dormant.
I would try with another card as a test, but like paulmacd said, its probably drivers : Its "showing" something in VGA mode therefore its not broken.  There might have been corruption on the hard drive?  Damaged drive "might" be doing this if the drivers were on that bad sector, for example.  Although its not likely to be the situation.
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try to run dskchk /f fom command line
I think he says chkdsk [drive letter] /f (to fix error on disk) (ie chkdsk c: /f )

/r would check for physical error.
If it is the onboard graphics chip, you will need to update the chipset drivers.  Go into Device Manager and check the date of the driver that is installed under the properties of your display adapter.  
Corey HaeckerSupport ManagerAuthor Commented:
It ended up that in this case the driver was the issue. I reinstalled the driver and soon found out that bad sectors were popping up all over the drive. Therefore, the drive was toast.

Thanks for the help.
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