Attributes to be set on Objects in AD

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I have a list of AD objects across differant OU's. I need to update the IP phone information for them. How do I do it at once?
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You can use powershell

If you are running a 2008R2 DC use the MS AD cmdlets

If not use the Quest AD cmdlets.

This link should help.
We are using windows 2003 R2 standard edition SP2
If you want to use powershell I would recomend using the quest tools. You could also use VBScript, dsmod, admod and several others. All depends on your preference.
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I have the information in a CSV file and that should be applied on to the AD attributes.
With quest something like this
Your csv file will need the header


or you can change the script.

$users = import-csv c:\users
foreach($user in $users){
set-qaduser $user.samaccountname  -objectAttributes @{ipPhone=$($user.ipPhone)}


Thanks for the support

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