Multiple Citrix Sessions using one ID

We use Citrix in a mediacl clininc environment and have users that must logon to multple sessions, (ie different exam rooms).  Right now in Citrix if you logon on to a second citrix session with the same ID the Citrix session from your first logon is transferred to the second.  How do I change this behavior?  We need to have multple Citrix sessions running using the same User ID.
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Are you talking about Session Sharing feature in Citrix? Imagine if you open MSword from a server 700 with session id as 108 and if u have MS excel published on server 700 and 701 server, then if you click on MS excel it will automatically try to connect to server 700 with session id 108. This a good feature with Citrix as it will consume only one license instead of 2 in the above case.
More info on session sharing:
Or, are you trying the reverse, perhaps you have user logons restricterd to single sesions.?

terminal services config / Server Settings / Restrict each user to one session = no

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If possible implement Citrix Password Manager
McFarlandClinicAuthor Commented:
OK I have tried terminal services config / Server Settings / Restrict each user to one session = no  and this does not help even after rebooting.  What I need is to have 1 doctor be able to have unique citrix sessions in multpile exam rooms.
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