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i have a dataset with 2 tableadapters in it. each table adapter pulls from a different database on a different SQL server. how can i combine the results from these two tableadapters. (they both "select * FROM" and have getdata() methods.  can i call the results from one tableadapter in the other tableadapter somehow? can i create a datatable and merge these two tableadapters somehow? any suggestions? i want to do everything in the dataset designer or the dataset class definition file, not through a windows forms class since i do not want this to be dependent on the page it sits on. thank you.
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If I understand your question, you want to pull data from two different databases, merge the two together, and then save the merged results to one (or perhaps both) databases?
If so, yes... there is a DataSet.Merge() method that will merget the two together.   Actually, it a tow part process... the Merge() just "decorate" the dataset with the "adds, deletes, and updates".  After that, you just do a DataAdpter.Update to save the changes. 
there is no way to do this, i instead am using sql server Business Intelligence Design Studio, this tool is a much much better way to develop sql reports, and much more powerful.



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