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Hi, I’ve a wildcard SSL certificate (example *.MyDomain.com) that I’m currently using in production env for couple of web sites (ex. Site1.MyDomain.com, Site2.MyDomain.com etc).

Now I’ve a need to host a WCF service in a separate server as follows

  Server Host  : WcfServer.MyDomain.com
      Transport  : TCP
          Binding  : NetTcpBinding
Host Process : Windows Service

And I will be implementing custom authentication, which requires implementing certificates on WcfServer.MyDomain.com and the client machines.

Can I use same wirldcard SSL certificate (*.MyDomain.com) ?

If I can use wildcard SSL certificate then how do I setup that cert in WcfServer and Client machines?

I’m familiar with generating CSRs and implementing SSL certs in IIS 5/6/7, but now I’m using net.tcp binding hosting it in a windows service.

Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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Thanks for your response. I'm following those links and trying to implement, should get back to you soon
I've reviewed the links you posted and several others on the internet and I regret that I'm still out of luck. They talk more about Basic/WsHttpBinding.

Once again, what I'm really dealing with is netTcpBinding  (that is SSL over TCP), with "Transport" Security and  clientCredentialType="Certificate"

I've a wild card SSL certificate (*.MyDomain.com.crt) signed by Godaddy CA.  I'm able to use this certificate for securing my web sites (such as https://subdomain1.MyDomain.com etc)

Basically what I really need some guidelines as to how I go by setting the following

Server Certificate: I suppose this would be *.MyDomain.com.crt, which I was able to import to the cert store “Personal “ which chains to Godaddy CA Root Certificate located in the “Trusted Root” store. But this cert does not seem to have private key and I think WCF svc needs it.

Client Certificate: Here I'm totally lost.  How do I set this up from the SSL Cert that I already have? Is it even possible?

Thanks for your help


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