SBS 2008 Remote Web WorkPlace - Shared Documents Area on Internal Site

Hello, My SBS 2008 server is up and running, All works fine now thanks to advice from EE Experts. Another question, I am using Remote Web Workplace as a means of sharing Files and Folders between key staff whilst they are on the move. On the Internal Website, Shared Documents section I need to dump many files and directories as they are needed.

Through the web browser i can only upload one document at a time or create a folder etc. Is there a way to copy in the files and folders directly on to the server for use via the web shared docs area? If not it would take a long time to create the file structure then upload one file at a time. If mass upload is not possible is there another way other than VPN to get to these files for remote users via a browser?

Many Thanks. Aelara.
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The Shared Documents is a Sharepoint list. You can map a drive to it on any client using "Add a network location" in Windows Explorer and copy files and folders to it as you would to any network location.
If you only need this occasionally, you can also open the library/list in Internet Explorer and choose Actions -> Open with Windows Explorer.
AelaraAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I can't locate the directory that holds the files and folders. I have created several folders in the Shared Docs area through the browser but have not managed to located the physical directory/virtual directory. Been through IIS as well without success. What/Where am I mapping a drive to?

Thanks, Aelara
There is not a directory that holds the folders. All files are stored in the database. You can upload multiple files at once. You need to be using IE as your browser and you need to select the option int he document Lib under "Upload" you will see an option "Upload Multiple Documents".

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AelaraAuthor Commented:
Hello, I can't see it, I'm using IE8, Gone through all settings, i cant see the option in SBS 2008 to upload muliple documents anywhere. Can you provide a screen shot or something that will help locate it?

Thanks, Aelara
AelaraAuthor Commented:
Sorry, Got it, Many thanks.
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