server hard drive updates and php updates - what to expect

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Looking for advice here.

My dedicated server needs a new hard drive and Rackspace (who are Fantastic) will replace the drive and restore all files.

1. As well as a bunch of small static sites we run Wordpress, various PHP scripts which use mysql and one site built in php fusebox. If we just replace the hard drive without updating the php version what sort of issues should I expect?

Rackspace will do the whole update and restore any recommendations of any otehr steps to take before hand?

2. If it the same time as replacing the hard drive I have Rackspace update to a current PHP 5 and mysql versions what issues should I expect.

Would it be best to update the driive and at a later point update the PHP.

If mysql version is updated will that break things or is that pretty seemeless?

Server Details:

Operating system      Linux 2.6.9-89.0.11.EL
Plesk Control Panel version      psa v8.6.0_build86090814.11 os_RedHat el4
php      4.3.9-3.29
mysql      4.1.22-2.el4_8.3
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you need files and the mysql database.
If the database is stored on the local machine and they take all the files then you are fine.

Ask them to keep the old hard disk for a week so if you did find something was missing you could always either retrieve the file or roll back to the other hard disk.

Do *not* upgrade software while you do the hard disk change.  One thing at a time.
If you had strange issues days afterwards you would never know if it was something missing from the backup or the upgrade that had caused it.
One step at a time please.


Ok I will do the hard drive first and then tackle the PHP upgrade.

Later on when I go to do the PHP version upgrade what issues can I expect?
Ver 4 to Ver 5.  You will hit issues.
You *do* have code somewhere that will stop working.
Even if the programmers were being really good and reading all the notes about depreciated code you can bet there is a few functions that will kill it.
Most of these are pretty minor patches to fix.  Change the name of function etc.

The best way of checking would be to do a backup of the site and restore it onto another box as a working web site.  Now upgrade that box and see what happens to the site.
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Great information her - thanks.

Will bought in scripts and Wordpress site break or just the php fusebox site?
If your software is up to date.... ie patched to latest version then it should work out of the box with ver 5.  I have a few wordpress sites running under ver 5 php with no issues.

If you have 3rd party scripts then your guss is as good as mine.  Best bet is to try it on the 2nd box (which you can keep as your test / cat box)


Yes, agreed. It all makes sense. Thanks very much for your help and ideas.


edster9999 gave me good solid advice and answered all my questions.
Thanks.  I hope it goes smooth.
I have upgraded a few servers from php 4 to 5 and it is a bit of a pain but a few hours work and making sure as many scripts / packages are fully up to date should get it correct.

Good luck.

and of course - ask in here if you get stuck :)

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