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Hi all,

I have site that uses RAD Upload Plus from RADinks  to upload user files. I have 5 of these uploaders on one page. Until recently anything worked great with no errors. Now all of a sudden when the page first loads i get

 JAVA warning
I get this at least once for each up-loader on the page. even when I select No don't block the page and up-loaders  does not work.
I think the issue started when I installed IE 9 beta. But I can't be sure because the issue occurs in Chrome and Firefox and of-course IE 9 .
Do you know if installing EI 9 would change any internet option settings that would effect the other 2 browsers?

I am using windows 7 64-bit, Visual Studios 2008, C#, ASP.Net

Thanks for your time.
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Jesse HouwingScrum Trainer | Microsoft MVP | ALM Ranger | Consultant

It sounds more like a JDK update was installed, or that the security certificate they used has expired or that you have both signed and unsigned java applets on your page.
Top Expert 2010
You can try this:

    *  Open your Java Control Panel
    * Click on the Advanced Tab
    * Expand the Security Category (click on the plus to the left of the title)
    * Expand the Mixed Mode Category
    * Select the second radio button entitled "enable-hide warnings and run with protections"
    * Click OK to save changes.

Hope this helps




Thanks marqusG.

That seemed to have worked.
However what about my end users, will anyone using EI 9 have to edit that setting?
That's not right.

Marco GasiFreelancer
Top Expert 2010
Unfortunately, this problem seems to be caused by an update of Java control panel in Windows Vista and Windows 7, so I think you can do nothing via code: I'm sorry.


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