Mulitple Exchange 2010 Offline Address books visible to Outlook clients?


Reviewing the information in Technet for Address Lists and Global Address Lists/ Offline Address Books, I under stand that many Address lists, GALs and Offline Address Books can be created.  You can also specify the default Offline Global Address Book for users.

My question is, if you create multiple Global Address Lists / Offline Address Books and choose one to be the default Offline Address Book for a database,  can Outlook 2003, 2007 and 2010 clients to be able to see the other Offline Address Books?  Will users be able to see a list of the other Offline Address books by going to the "Address Book" feature in their version of Outlook?

For example,  you create an address list and Offline address book that contains North American mail enabled objects.  You do the same for South America.   You specify the North American Offline address book as default for the mail databases that contain North American users.  When those users use Outlook in cache-mode to access the GAL, they will see the North American Offline address book, but can they also click to see the South American Offline address book?

Thanks for you time in advance:

Resourced reviewed:
Managing Offline Address Books  <- Got most details from here, however I just want to be clear on what the end client can do regarding multiple Offline Address Books.

Managing Mailbox Servers
Rachel FlewellingAsked:
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SaakarSenior Technical ConsultantCommented:
You can have it per store basis...
For Eg: - Users on North America Store can be assigned North America OAB and same for South America Store.
At client end you can have only ONE Offline Address Book, there can be multiple GAL's but not Default OAB, since Default OAB is one per Org.

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Rachel FlewellingAuthor Commented:
Thanks very much for the reply.

What you say makes sense.  Only one OAB allowed makes sense.

How come I see some companies with what appears to be a more organized GAL, instead of only a raw alpha listing?

the example picture is from an exchange 2003 ORG, where there is only one address list, the default one, and one offline address list.   this ORG has many sub domains in it's forest, with users in all domains.
Even though this pic is from exch 2003, i'm still interested in what the result is for exch 2010.

To add to the example, my exch 2003 org is just one AD domain, and the Offline address list is just one long alpha list.  

I hope my request is making sense?
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