Message flow Exchange 2K7 via Exchange 2K3

I'm finalizing the co-existence of a Novell GroupWise system with Exchange 2007 and have built the Exchange system starting with 2003 so it can host the Novell gateway for Exchange.  I've got two 2K7 CAS/HUB servers installed into the 2003-based Organization.  There are two 2K7 mailbox servers clustered on 2008r2 using CCR.  Messages flow as follows:

From GroupWise to E2K3--success
From GroupWise to E2K7 via E2K3--fail
From E2K7 to E2K3--success
From E2K7 to GroupWise via E2K3--success

I used the technet document to create two bi-directional routing group connectors (using Exchange Powershell) between E2K7 and E2K3.  The syntax, used twice, was new-routinggroupconnector -name MS03-GW (and MS04-GW) -sourcetransportserver MS-Exchange03 -targettransportserver MS-GWConnector -Bidirectional $true

In the E2K3 System Manager I can see my routing group connectors under the Exchange Administrative Group\Exchange Routing Group\MS03-GW (and MS04-GW).  Under the First Administrative Group\First Routing Group I see MS03-GW and MS04-GW (which are not manageable but viewable).

In the Exchange Powershell from one of my CAS/HUB servers I type get-routinggroupconnector and it shows the four.  I've included a screen shot (rcg.jpg)

I've missed something really simple and can't figure out where I went wrong with this. It must be something with the RGC.

Thanks in advance!
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Scott KunauSr. Consultant/Managing PartnerAsked:
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Scott KunauSr. Consultant/Managing PartnerAuthor Commented:
I have an update that may help.  I cannot send email from an E2K3 user to an E2K7 user but I can send from E2K7 to E2K3 successfully.

The issue must be in the bi-directional routing group connector.  I can burn both (all four) down and start over if someone has an idea they'd like me to try.  This system in not in production yet.  (GroupWise is but none of the Exchange pieces are).

Rick FeeMessaging Engineer - Disaster Recovery EngineerCommented:
I have seen this a few times in the past.    Most, if not all the time it was due to security
inherent permissions.
<:>Run Exchange BPA and look for any security issues that you may need to fix...fix them and your mail flow should be good.

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Scott KunauSr. Consultant/Managing PartnerAuthor Commented:
Security check showed inheritance block on the OU I needed to have open.  However, once that was open (inheritance allowed) problem still existed.  Ended up opening a call with Microsoft and they had me manually delete the routing group connector via Exchange 2003 Manager and re-create with same utility, adding both CAS/Hub servers into it.  As soon as I clicked OK to create the object with configuration updates, everything started working and has been working since.  My guess is somehow either during installation of the 2007 servers or the manual powershell commands I used, the RGC got corrupted.

Thanks for pointing me to the potential security issue.
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