Can you run 2 FTP servers on the same box?

We have a server we can connect to via Remote Desktop and also via FTP client.

I have a few questions:

1)  Does Remote Desktop support file transfers from my desktop to the remote computer?  How?

2)  How can I find out which FTP server is running?  I need to setup an account so I can connect with my client FTP app.

3)  I thought maybe I could just setup my own FTP server  (meaning there would now be 2 FTP Servers running on the same machine).  Will that cause problems?

Thanks...just exploring options...trying to get work done.  :)
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1) Not really. You can map a local drive on the remote server using the RDP options (Options --> Local Resources --> More) and transfer that way though.
2 and 3) There can only be 1 FTP server running at a time on a given server. You can set up separate permissions based on who logs in so they can only have access to certain resources. Maybe you can use that aspect to make it seem as though you have 2 FTP servers.

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1) RD uses the RDP protocol which allows access to the client computer's HDD's if setup/configured. There are settings on both the server and on the client. Once enabled (the default) the drives should be mapped in Windows Explorer on the server and can also be accessed via \\client\c$ UNC path names.

2) Try running netstat -a -o -p tcp which will list all TCP connections on your computer. Look for the one listening on port 21. This is the default FTP control channel. You should be able to see the PID of the process running and can look for this in task manager to see which process is running the server.

3) You could potentially run 2 FTP servers on one box, but you would need to change the ports used or add a second IP and bind each server to a different IP.
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