How do I stop the Exchange 2007 from bouncing emails back to senders?

I have installed SBS 2008 with Exchange 2007. The server install is up and running and for the most part effective. However customers/suppliers are getting some emails bounced back to them when they write to us. It seems to be the the Exchange 2007 server built in anti spam, anti abusive content etc filters.

How do I turn them off...fully as we have an external service already doing that for us?

Also do these services affect outgoing emai as we have had reports of customers/suppliers not getting some of our emails either?
btec_bobIT Services DirectorAsked:
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Go to:
Exchange Management Console
Organization Configuration
Hub Transport
Disable all those rules.

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- RFC 2821 requires that you do send a NDR for messages your server accepts
but cannot deliver successfully. However, should you want to disable these,
it can be done from Remote Domains | Default | properties | Message Format
Options tab (the tab is mislabeled as "Format of original message... ") |
uncheck "Allow non-delivery reports".
- Or from the shell:
Set-RemoteDomain "Default" -NDREnabled $false
btec_bobIT Services DirectorAuthor Commented:
victornegri -
I have already disabled all of those antispam rules and still customers are getting emails returned saying that they contain Abusive text. Is there another area of filter of some sort in exchange? The message is coming from the exchange server.

Jdtuck -
I do not want to remove the NDR I simply want to correct the issue that is causing the email to be returned.
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btec_bobIT Services DirectorAuthor Commented:
The returned message is from the customers server and it say's the following...

The message reached the recipient's e-mail system, but delivery was refused. Attempt to resend the message. If it still fails, contact your system administrator. < #5.2.0 smtp;552 5.2.0 LbdY1F00P0AnD9i01bdbzW Abusive content detected in your email>

This would suggest to me that our server refused the email and told the customer server that it would not accept it because of abusive text. Then the customers server relayed the message back t the customer themselves.

Is that correct. If it is how do I stop my server from doing that. If I am wrong then what has actually happened?

btec_bobIT Services DirectorAuthor Commented:
This is a screenshot of the email the customer receives.
If you add the sender's domain to the Exchange "IP Allow List Providers", does the email go through or is it still blocked?

Do you have any rules defined under Organization Config --> Hub Transport --> Transport Rules?
btec_bobIT Services DirectorAuthor Commented:
As the block only happens sometimes it is hard to say if the IP Allow List Providers will correct the issue. The problem I have is that if it did work then who else is being blocked. Is there a log held of all the emails that come in and are returned by the server?

There are rules defined but they are the defaukts and they are all disabled.

btec_bobIT Services DirectorAuthor Commented:
This seems to be the best solution as the additional issues may be caused by the customer servers.
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