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I'm trying to get a threadsafe event to fire, but I can't seem to get it to work at all.  Here's the code I've tried using so far:
    Private Sub RaiseSafeEvent(ByVal sEvent As System.Delegate, ByVal EventArgArray As Object())
        If sEvent Is Nothing Then Exit Sub
        For Each delTemp As System.Delegate In sEvent.GetInvocationList
            Dim ISynchInvoke = CType(delTemp.Target, System.ComponentModel.ISynchronizeInvoke)
            If (Not ISynchInvoke Is Nothing) Then
                If (ISynchInvoke.InvokeRequired) Then ISynchInvoke.BeginInvoke(delTemp, EventArgArray)
            End If
    End Sub

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The problem is that when this fires, it seems to ALWAYS be as the thread is closing, which is utterly useless.  Here's where I call it in code:
        Debug.Print(Format(parTemp.ID, "00") & " = " & strTemp)
        RaiseSafeEvent(Lock_OnEvent, {parTemp.ID, strTemp, intTemp})

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When the thread is created, the Debug.Print fires immediately, printing to the debug log.  But only after several seconds (when the thread has finished running) is it raising this event which is supposed to fire to let you know when the thread is STARTING.  

I may be going about this the complete wrong way, but this is driving me insane.  I'm about to just create a tight loop that monitors a variable and triggers an event whenever the variable changes... >:(

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The issue appears that it *may* not be strictly a thread issue.  Apparently at this point:

        RaiseEvent Lock_On(parTemp.ID, strTemp, intTemp)
        Debug.Print("Thread Is Starting")

The thread IS starting, but the event is NOT actually being raised in the parent object until AFTER the thread FINISHES running.  Suggestions?


Problem discovered to be code related.

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