lost left panel INBOX, Trash, Folders in Lotus 8.5 Notes mail

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I upgraded a user to 8.5, the mail file upgraded also.
She does not see the left panel that has Inbox, Trash etc.
I have reconfigured her Home page with the defaults, refreshed her design etc.
When I pull up her email in my client or admin, it looks good, so I know it is her client. Any ideas?

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Sudhakar KumarManager IT Delivery- II at Aon

Reconfigure the notes client...probably you can rename the bookmark.nsf, desktop.dsk, names.nsf and delete the cache.ndk. Copy the first 6-7 lines from the Notes.ini and strip rest of the entries. (Please make sure to make a copy of the files to be on safe side)
Although most of the time it is due to the bookmark.
Let me know if you get it fixed.

I have had the local copy of the mail file get corrupted during the upgrade.  I just change the location document to have a server copy, close notes, delete the mail nsf.  THen re-open Notes and make a new replica of the mail file.  (then change the location document back!)

I assume she might have just closed the "frame" containing the "views"?
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I've seen that problem before in older versions, but not 8.5 yet. Resolved it by deleting bookmark.nsf and desktop.dsk then letting new ones be created.
Seems you have used old names.nsf while upgrading the Lotus Notes client. Please do the following:
Remove all .nsf & .ntf (except local replica/ archive of mail file or other server databases) to a separate directory/ folder preferabally outside the data directory.
Copy all Lotus Notes v8.5 templets (installed by default) into the data directory i.e. bookmark.ntf, pubnames.ntf, cache.ntf, etc.
Delete all lines from notes.ini except
Directory=<Path of the Data folder>

Reconfigure the client.
P.S: for old contacts open the old address book from the Lotus Notes and copy them to the newly created local addressbook.

If recreating bookmark.nsf and desktop.ndk does not solve this, then refresh or replace the mailbox design, depending on which design template you are using. The software versions of the server and other clients can play a role in which template you should be using without causing problems.
  • What version is your server?
    (it should be at least 8.5.x)
  • What version is the mailbox template?
    (It should be the same as or lower than the server, provided all other clients are already at the same version as the server. If there are still version 7 clients in this email domain, then they have to be brought up to version 8.x.x before using any 8.0.x or higher templates.)


during the install when it asks to design the home page they did not have the right options checked.

"during the install when it asks to design the home page they did not have the right options checked" is not a complete solution as it does not specify what options needed to be checked to avoid the missing left panel of folders in the mailbox. How do home page settings affect the mailbox view?


Here is a screen shot... if the Inbox is checked instead of Everday tasks, you see the inbox without the left panel...That is what I mean. I had to have everyday tasks checked. Maybe I was wrong on my terminology...this is the Home page setup right?
Here  are the settings that didn't work. print screen of homepage settings

Thanks, Monterey. It might help save someone from a heachache in the future.


It was an series of events that caused the user to pick inbox and not everyday tasks with a 2 frame view for the homepage... we could not see the left bar that is usually visable when you open the inbox from the Everday Tasks.

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