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Hi Experts,

I tried to use IBM Rational AppScan to scan the website, but the "Session Fixation" problem still come up.

login.asp -> default.asp -> logout.asp

"Session identifier not updated" problem seems to re-use the Session ID.

I tried to follow the Example in the above but unsuccessful.

Is it able to do the following?

- Cookieless Session
- Encrypted URL
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You can't renew ASPSESSIONID no matter what you do. If AppScan is looking only to this value it will never pass.
The workaround is to look for ASPFIXATION value which is changing for each session, if AppScan doesn't know to do this than it's a problem with the scan application rather than your website.
You should accept this as an exception for AppScan or if you want a clear report you have to switch to .NET.

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