How to launch Flash EXE from an HTML hyperlink

I have a project built with Flash CS3-Actionscript2.  I need to launch an .exe (Win) or .app (Mac Projector) from an html browser window.

The reason is I need to satisfy WAI requirements for "equivalent content".  What I'm proposing will work like this: The user sees an html page in a browser that has 2 links: “flash version” and “non-flash version (HTML)".
If they click non-flash the app stays in the browser window and the HTML version of the project is viewed.   If they select “flash version” I want the Flash app (or exe) to open as a  standalone  Flash executable or app Projector.... outside of the browser.  

Because the Flash project is finished as a standalone I don't want to rebuild it as Flex, or AIR or anything else.  I want to use the EXE and APP that Flash CS3 publishes.  But I need to launch them from HTML.

I'm sure someone has done such a thing before (I hope).
TIA your input.

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I think the real issue you face isn't Flash, but is the browser. Persuading a browser to automatically run a .exe is a challenge, since if they behaved like this ordinarily, that would make it spectacularly easy for people to infect you with malware. Modern browsers are set to NOT run .exes.

Can't you run the .exe first ? And have that be the choice giver ? Easy peasy to launch a webpage from a .exe projector if they don't want to stay in the projector.

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dzash2000Author Commented:
quizengine - thanks for the reply
... and enlightenment.

I see what you mean - persuading a browser to LAUNCH an exe is a problem because of security concerns.  I never thought of that.  Even in closed systems where there is no network access, browsers will balk.  I was completely on the wrong track.

The reason I feel that I have to start with an html is that screen readers (for visually impaired) have issues with Flash. But THAT is the problem I have to solve - how to get the assistive device to read the very first flash screen so that the user can choose not to use flash.  I guess that's another expert question.

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