Turning Off Signatures in Exchange.

ahmad1467 used Ask the Experts™
I am running Exchange server 2003 on a Windows 2003 Server.
I have just installed a program lets me generate email disclaimers and Signatures.
Now I am looking for a way to stop users from adding their own signatures to the to the email, is there a way to stop them in Active Directory.

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Rick FeeMessaging Engineer - Disaster Recovery Engineer

Yes you need to download the adm pack for the GPO for your office version.     Create a GPO and apply it.
I have done this for Outlook 2003 with outlook11.adm, and I see the "Disable signatures for new messages' and "Disable signatures for replies and forwards"  
Rick FeeMessaging Engineer - Disaster Recovery Engineer

So what version of Outlook do you have?
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2003 and 2007

Guys, all office or outlook ADM files will block the signature from being even added whenever user creates a new email.
So the ADM as far I tested will block the signature editing in addition to removing the signature from any new created email.
I will try to customize an ADM for this use. And will keep u updated.

Here you go.
See the attached txt file.
You need to modify it to match the outlook version you have then change the extension from txt to ADM.
Import this ADM to a GPO under users configuration in the Administrative Templates area.
Then go to the added Template, you will find it under Classic Administrative Templates. There you will find two categories for new Signature and Reply Signature.
Enable both and specify the Signature name you want to prevent the editing for.

This will work perfect and will achieve your needs.

One more thing you should know which impossible to be controlled. editing the signature in the email itself. this something as far as i can tell not possible to prevent. but at least no one will edit/add to the original signature in outlook.
CATEGORY !!L_GPONewSignature
                                POLICY !!L_GPONewSignature
                                KEYNAME "software\policies\microsoft\office\14.0\common\mailsettings"
                                                PART !!L_GPONewSignatureName EDITTEXT
                                                VALUENAME "NewSignature1"
                                                END PART              
                                END POLICY

CATEGORY !!L_GPOReplySignature
                                POLICY !!L_GPOReplySignature
                                KEYNAME "software\policies\microsoft\office\14.0\common\mailsettings"
                                                PART !!L_GPOReplySignatureName EDITTEXT
                                                VALUENAME "ReplySignature1s"
                                                END PART              
                                END POLICY

L_GPONewSignature="GPONewAdd Signature"
L_GPONewSignatureName="GPONew Signature Name"
L_NewSignature="New Signature"

L_GPOReplySignature="GPOReplyAdd Signature"
L_GPOReplySignatureName="GPOReply Signature Name"
L_ReplySignature="Reply Signature"

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Test this on your local Group Policy before implementing on a production.

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