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Hey guys,

Few of you gave me a nice review in the past and I would like to review again after some changes made.   This is for the local attorney's office.


Thanks in advance.
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what exactly u want us to do.. review and rate your website?
Consultant & Challenge Subduer
Top Expert 2009
The most important thing you can do is optimize the speed. It seems to be very slow loading. The biggest cause seems to be the large number of files being requested from dragndropbuilder.com.

Here are some of the best resources for improving that:

Are you aware that your page contains XHTML errors? http://validator.w3.org/

Also it seems very odd that the font-size for the main nav is so much smaller than that of the main content.
There is some optimization you can do on the code, but because the time to first byte is fast, it is less important.

Get the CSS before the javascript if you can

If the home link in the navigation can point to http://www.fanyayoung911.com/

Also you ideally want the header text linked, as it provides anchor text to the home page.

Name the image something suitable and resize it to the size used on the page.

Set dimensions for the image

<img class="galleryImageBorder" alt="Picture" style="margin: 5px 10px 10px 0px; border-width: 1px; padding: 3px;" src="/uploads/2/8/1/2/2812189/6738639.jpg?145">

The charset is ISO-8859-1 - you would be much better served long-term using utf-8

Google analytics?
Register with Google webmaster tools and Microsoft Bing Webmaster Toolbox (maybe Yahoo as well)

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RobOwner (Aidellio)
Most Valuable Expert 2015
To add to @Kravimir I'd suggest fixing these errors:


Also a handy tool is the FireBug plugin (http://getfirebug.com/) for Firefox as it will not only show you what needs to be optimised but also do it for you.
Irwin SantosComputer Integration Specialist
CONTACT US page - Too many email addresses displayed.  You should give the viewer ONE (fyoung@fanyayoung911.com)  as it is part of your market branding.   In addition, instead of using straight text to display the email address, you may want to consider making it a button, that way, web crawlers, leeches, spiders, or what not, doesn't strip the email address and use it for spam purposes.

Color scheme - You have a matching pallete, but Fanya doesn't stand out.  Using a lighter color scheme will make Fanya's photos stand out instead of blending into the background.

ABOUT US page - The photo doesn't look good.  Ask for a higher resolution photo and replace.

Phone number - Should be available on ALL pages.  You want to give potential clients easy access to Fanya.  If they have to wade through several pages to find the phone number, you may have already lost them.

Overall Text  - As mentioned by Kravimir, the buttons text needs to stand out.  In addition, keep to the same font structure in size, format, and color.  It's changing between pages.  You may want to condense your style sheet and make sure that paragraphs are tagged to match all pages.

Aestetics - If this is just used for an online "business card" it'll work.  Though, you may want choose some UPLIFTING color scheme or use additional photos.  When I look at the website, I feel depressed, and that's not the feeling that you wish to convey towards someone seeking her help.

Most Valuable Expert 2011
Top Expert 2016
You might want to take some design guidance from web sites for other lawyers:


I generally agree with the other comments here, except I did not find the site slow to load (maybe you fixed that ;-) and I especially think that a lighter color scheme with greater contrast between text and background would make sense.

Your SEO experts would tell you to fix the page titles, too.  There is nothing helpful about the word "Home"  I would probably recast this:
<title> Fanya E. Young, Esq.&nbsp; Criminal Law Attorney - Home</title>

... into something more like this:
<title>Criminal Law Attorney Fanya E. Young, Esq., San Francisco, California</title>

Contact information should be in every page footer.  A separate print-only style sheet might make sense (navigation doesn't really work well on paper).

HTH, ~Ray


Thanks all.  I will work on it and get back to you.
David S.Consultant & Challenge Subduer
Top Expert 2009

@Ray  The site loads much more quickly for me today than it did last night. I expect it was a temporary problem with a server.

@tagit Doesn't Firebug only show what needs to be optimized when Page Speed or YSlow are also installed?
Most Valuable Expert 2011
Top Expert 2016

@Kravimir - yes, its speed looked fine to me.  Probably just a transient issue.  I think YSlow is considered a pretty good add-on, but page load speed does not appear to be an issue now.
RobOwner (Aidellio)
Most Valuable Expert 2015

Good Point @Kravimir .  Page Speed also needs to be installed to accurately assess optimization.  In terms of debugging html / css / javascript issues or making changes on the fly FireBug is fine on its own

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