Reboot loop until "disable automatic reboot on error" then loads into windows

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Having a weird issue and I tend to believe its actually a symptom to the real problem.
This is happening on 4 notebook style pc's

Heres what changed.
-Uninstalled Kaspersky
-Installed Microsoft Security Essentials

Heres whats happening.
-When the computer boots it gets stuck in the bsod reboot. However when I go into the f8 menu and select the disable automatic reboot on error option it reboots and loads windows without an error. So not only can I not tell what the stop error is. But when the computers reboot they get stuck in the reboot cycle again.

Thanks for any help.
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Have you checked the system event log for errors? I would try enabling the reboot on system error option and then disable the newly installed application. See if the computer boots fine. Most likely it's a problem with the newly installed application. I would also make sure there are no components of kapersky lingering around.
by the way, you disable the app from msconfig utility.

Use to uninstall kaspersky.

Then run chkdjsk /f at command prompt and select yes for check at next boot.

See how you go
Have you tried a simple system restore?

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