Problems passing a varible to Wscript.Shell.Run() method

I am writing some VBA for an access database and I am having some problems. I have gotten my commands to work properly with static values in the code, now I need it to be based on varibles.

The code looks like this:

    Dim cmd As String
    cmd = "%comspec% /k title hello|cscript.exe C:\XCACLS.vbs "" & elevatedNetworkPath & "" /g ESELLC\ESE:;2 /E /SPEC B"
    Debug.Print cmd
    If ESEAccessible = True Then
    Set objShell = CreateObject("Wscript.Shell")
        objShell.Run (cmd), 0, True

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The Code will work right if i use:

 objShell.Run ("%comspec% /c title hello|cscript.exe C:\XCACLS.vbs ""Z:\folder"" /g ESELLC\ESE:;3 /E /SPEC B"), 0, True

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When the code goes to execute, It just hangs and hangs until I close the form and hit the stop button. I have tried using different configurations of quotations (up to four on each side of the varible) - and did a Debug.print of both strings commands (with and without the varialbe) and the string is exactly the same in the Debug window.

Any ideas?
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Justin MathewsCommented:
The line should be:

cmd = "%comspec% /k title hello|cscript.exe C:\XCACLS.vbs """ & elevatedNetworkPath & """ /g ESELLC\ESE:;2 /E /SPEC B"
Gssc1414Author Commented:

I agree - that makes sense. However, when I do this - it just hangs. I have tried one, two, three and four quotations on both sites of the variable - all with no luck.
Justin MathewsCommented:
How about /c instead of /k for %comspec%

cmd = "%comspec% /c title hello|cscript.exe C:\XCACLS.vbs """ & elevatedNetworkPath & """ /g ESELLC\ESE:;2 /E /SPEC B"
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Gssc1414Author Commented:
Also have tried that - doesn't seem to make a difference :/
I've had a weird issue before with quotes and the answer was to use a function for the quotes

cmd = "%comspec% /k title hello|cscript.exe C:\XCACLS.vbs " & Quote(elevatedNetworkPath) & " /g ESELLC\ESE:;2 /E /SPEC B"

Function Quote(sText)
    Quote = chr(34) & sText & chr(34)
End Function

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Darren CollinsTech Lead (Windows), Endpoint Device Management ServicesCommented:

Try an ampersand instead of the pipe, and use three double-quotes each side of the variable as jmatix said:

cmd = "%comspec% /k title hello & cscript.exe C:\XCACLS.vbs """ & elevatedNetworkPath & """ /g ESELLC\ESE:;2 /E /SPEC B"

Gssc1414Author Commented:

That was it! It didn't work completely that way, but when I put the string directly in the objShell.Run() command it worked perfect. For some reason when I assign it to a string and then pass that into the objShell.Run command it did the same thing.

objShell.Run ("%comspec% /c title hello|cscript.exe C:\XCACLS.vbs " & Quote(elevatedNetworkPath) & " /g ESELLC\ESE:;2 /E /SPEC B"), 0, True

Not sure why, but thanks for the help!

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