Why is IAXmodem not registering

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I just installed IAXmodem on our Asterisk server and when I start the modem it will not register. I have included output and config information below.

# /usr/src/iaxmodem-1.2.0/iaxmodem ttyIAX0
[2010-10-19 11:43:23] Modem started
[2010-10-19 11:43:23] Setting device = '/dev/ttyIAX0'
[2010-10-19 11:43:23] Setting owner = 'uucp:uucp'
[2010-10-19 11:43:23] Setting mode = '660'
[2010-10-19 11:43:23] Setting port = 4570
[2010-10-19 11:43:23] Setting refresh = 300
[2010-10-19 11:43:23] Setting server = 'x.x.x.x'
[2010-10-19 11:43:23] Setting peername = '8603'
[2010-10-19 11:43:23] Setting secret = 'xxxxx'
[2010-10-19 11:43:23] Setting cidname = 'xxxxx'
[2010-10-19 11:43:23] Setting cidnumber = 'xxxxx'
[2010-10-19 11:43:23] Setting codec = ulaw
[2010-10-19 11:43:23] Opened pty, slave device: /dev/pts/3
[2010-10-19 11:43:23] Created /dev/ttyIAX0 symbolic link
[2010-10-19 11:43:23] Registration failed.

# cat /etc/asterisk/iax_additional.conf
callerid=device <8603>

# cat /etc/iaxmodem/ttyIAX0
device          /dev/ttyIAX0
owner           uucp:uucp
mode            660
port            4570
refresh         300
server          x.x.x.x
peername        8603
secret          xxxxxx
cidname         xxxxxx
cidnumber       xxxxxx
codec           ulaw

Can anyone help determine what the cause may be or where to start looking.

Thank you in advance.

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I wonder about the server ip address. It should be which you really should not have had to hide which makes me wonder about it. However assuming that is correct, use "iax2 set debug" and then a "iax2 reload" and capture the messages. This should tell us where the problem is. Alternatively you could look at the /var/log/asterisk/full to see if you can see a error message when it tries to connect.


Thank you jfaubiontx for your response.

You're right, I didn't have to hide the server IP, although it wasn't set to local host, it was set to NIC's IP. I'm not sure if that makes a difference, but I did change it to local host.

Here is the capture from iax2 debug:

 == Parsing '/etc/asterisk/iax.conf':   == Found
  == Parsing '/etc/asterisk/iax_general_additional.conf':   == Found
  == Parsing '/etc/asterisk/iax_general_custom.conf':   == Found
  == Parsing '/etc/asterisk/iax_registrations_custom.conf':   == Found
  == Parsing '/etc/asterisk/iax_registrations.conf':   == Found
  == Parsing '/etc/asterisk/iax_custom.conf':   == Found
  == Parsing '/etc/asterisk/iax_additional.conf':   == Found
  == Parsing '/etc/asterisk/iax_custom_post.conf':   == Found

I did view the log file and found this entry:

chan_iax2.c: Call rejected, CallToken Support required. If unexpected, resolve by placing address in the calltoken
optional list or setting user 8603 requirecalltoken=no

I disabled calltoken support for the user and now the iaxmodem registers successfully.

Thank you very much for your help!!

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