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In Micrsoft Office 2010 when the folder list is hidden there is a sent items button along the right side of the screen.  When I click on this button it does not take me to my sent items folder.  the button does nothing.  I have to expand the folders view and click on the sent items folder.

Is there something I'm doing wrong?  

thanks, MS
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Clicking on send button do not take you to Sent items folder. You need to do it manually. You are doing no wrong. You are right. This is default behaviour.


I am talking about the "Sent Items" button the lower left side of Outlook that appears when the folder list is hidden.

Please see my attachment.

Thank you,
OK... basically you are looking something customized. I do not have this customization. What you are looking is nothing but Favourites.

These might have got corrupted. Please create a new outlook profile.


close question.  not answered

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