need to fix severely blurred image

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if anyone can help, i would really appreciate it.  i have cs5, but the sharpen filters don't really do anything and this photo has a ton of sentimental value to me.  thanks. need it sharpened
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Unfortunately television and movies have convinced us that any image can be sharpened into detail.  You can't sharpen up what isn't there.  I'm sorry.

Whilst the above is true, certainly for an image this out of focus, this is a method which I have used in the past and you could try with photoshop, you may find it useful for images slightly out of focus.

Open the image in photoshop.
Right click on the layer in the layers panel and select 'Duplicate Layer...'
Select the duplicated layer in the layers panel and then from the menu bar select Filter-->Other-->High Pass
Drag the slider over to the right for this image I went to 80.5px click ok.
Now change the blend mode for this layer to hard light, soft light or overlay, I went with hard light for this image.
You can now change the opacity of the layer to adjust the overall effect amount.

I have attached my quick attempt however if you try yourself you will know when you are happy with the image, I am afraid to my knowledge and in my experience you may not be able to recover much more detail than this, as is already stated above. Sorry

Lab mode is most commonly used for heavy sharpening. Conver the image to Lab mode then sharpen the Lightness Channel. I've attached a version of the pic sharpened in Lab mode.
The Lucis Art filter is another form of extreme sharpening but when I tried it there was insufficient detail to make a decent image.

While Photoshop does not have the full capability to re-focus images, forensic software may be your best option here.
A range of software is available for personal and commercial use without police or military referees but they are usually quite highly priced. Focus Magic however might do the job:

One more, using the lab sharpened image I converted it back to RGB then reduced the noise on the Green and Blue channels.
Finally I applied a little Unsharp Mask to the overall image.

It's a tiny advance on the previous pic but I'm assuming every little helps!

Ron Martinsen says that Sharpener Pro works better than Focus Magic:

I still don't think either one will sharpen this photo up enough, but that's what eval mode is for, right? :)

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