MS Exchange 2007 does not send the messages to Internet

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On a fresh new install of Exchange 2007 (co-existing on the same domain with an old server with Exchange 2003), the emails are not sent on Internet.

I've configured a new Exchange Mailbox on the new server (Exchange 2007)
I've configured a new send connector under Organization Configuration > Hub Transport > Send Connector tab.

But when I send emails from my new account (with outlook 2003) nothing appends : from the outlook side the email seems to be correctly sent (I can see them in the "Sent' folder). But the exchange server doesn't do anything, and I can't see any SMTP traffic on my Internet connexion.

Please Help !!!!!
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Did you check the Queue viewer?
Is the message stuck there?
Are you using DNS or smarthost for outbound mail flow?
I've checked the Queue Viewer : no messages in there.
I'm using a smarthost.

Finally after hours searching this issue, I've restarted the server and ... after the reboot all the emails that where stucked have been delivered  .
I really don't know what appened, but now it seem's this problem no more occur.


Issue resolved by myself

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