Windows 2008 Domain Local Group - what rights does the group have?

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I have a domain local group in an Windows 2008 AD network. What command can I run to see what rights the group has?
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Domain Local Groups are used to access local resources within the domain these groups can have access to files and folders across the domain so it is hard to say what it is attached too
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If you're looking for User Rights Assignment, you need to check your group policy settings under Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\Security Settings\Local Policies\User Rights Assignment. The user rights assigned to a group will change depending on the GPO that the right is assigned in and where that GPO is applied. File permissions assigned to a group vary greatly depending entirely on how permissions are set. For those two reasons, there are no commands that you can run to get *all* the rights and permissions assigned to a specific group, and the group scope (Global, Universal, Domain Local) has no impact on what the group can access, only where members of the group can come from.

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