How to retrive a user account that is named as unknown account

Gary Samuels
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I have a Vista machine on a Windows domain and the user signs into the Vista machine as domain\user.

On the domain controller the user was deleted my mistake. I have re-created the user account on the domain and the user can sign-in but their user-setting are lost.

On the Vista machine I noticed a profile named Unknown Account and when I browse the user directory on the Vista machine I see a directory simply named user. I can tell this holds the old user.domain settings.  I assume when the user account was deleted from the domain the profile on the Vista machine changed from user.domain to Unknown Account and the directory changed from user.domain to user.

What's the best way to get this Unknown Account renamed back to user.domain?  Or what's the best method to get the data in Unknown Account into the current user.domain account?
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If the user has logged in with their "new" account (recreated the profile on the Windows Vista machine) then the new folder should exist. Just log in as a third user (Administrator or an account that has full access to the machine and isn't one of the accounts you're copying to/from) and copy over the data you need from the old folder to the new folder. Generally I just copy documents, favorites, the desktop folder. You can also copy EVERYTHING (show hidden files and folders, select everything from the old folder and copy it to the new one. That might cause some issues but I've never seen that happen before.

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