Microsoft RemoteApp or Citrix XenApp and server hardware selection

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I need to provision a server to host Dynamics GP 2010 for approximately 13 users with plans for approximately 10-15 more users in the next 3 years.  I've taken a look at RemoteApp and XenApp but have yet to come to a clean decision about which one will work best for us.  We would like to have the applications running directly off the server hardware with a terminal services-type connection back to the user.  I've taken a look at the system requirements for Dynamics GP 2010 ( and from what I gather I'll require 2GB RAM/2GB HD space per user.  As for processor requirements, I'm unsure.

For initial hardware I was thinking:
Two quad core xeon processors
Six 146GB HDDs

Everything will be stored on the SAN minus host files.  This machine will most likely be involved with App-V and some other application based hosting in the future.

What are my options? Do I seem to be on the right track?
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Citrix just released XenDesktop 5.

To be honest with you XenDesktop is where I would go.  I work for a Citrix Platinum Partner company and have seen Dynamics implemented fine.  VDI has just too much left to develop in my opinion.  I wouldn't even think of using Hyper-V, personally.

Nice little feature in XenDesktop 5 is XenVault - a secure "users folder" if you will that can be remotely wiped.  This is ideal for employee owned laptops and sensitive data.

I've attached a nice document reviewing the two.  It's from an employee at a company who impliments both VDI and Citrix.  I think it's a spot on.


Sorry, the attachment is a study done by a technology-based research group, not the review. This is much more helpful anyway.


Thanks for the reply.  So you figure I should probably run all users within XenDesktop (approximately 14 for now) from my colo to HQ? I'm not too familiar with VDI but I just did some reading on the Citrix website and it may be a better solution for supporting, optimizing and patching the remote users as I won't have to drive out or perform some kind of remote support.

Typically what kind of a server could run, say 30 VDI desktops?
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The HP Proliant DL300 series would be a good place to start looking.

You're absolutely right about it being better for supporting and optimizing users.  Patching is also simplified.  This along with the the iLO technology from HP makes my job possible! :)

You know I wouldn't even say you have to run VDI, you could run the apps over a CSG web interface fine, too.  This would tax the server less.  Look at a Citrix product called Edgesight for optimization reporting.


I think it's too late, the sounds of VDI with the amount of mobile users, remote users and the addition of national remote workers will definitely require a virtualized desktop solution.  The new management is pro Dell and so far I'm pleased with their products (I'm an HP man myself) so I've been sizing up the R710s.  I've contacted Citrix and I think it's best I get a hand with this implementation as I'm new to the whole platform.  I'll award you the points as VDI is my chosen solution but I'll be sure to update this ticket after implementation.

Thanks for the points, I just realized I screwed up my acronyms.  In my original post VDI refers to VMware VIew (long month....).

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