How to remove SP2007 After inplace SP2010 upgrade

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I have done an inplace upgrade and I was expecting the process to automagically uninstall the MS Office SharePoint 2007. All my sites are now version 4.

Is it safe to just uninstall MS Office SharePoint 2007 in programs and features?
Or - what would you recommend?

1 virtual sp server
1 virtual sql server

 Tbone programs installed on SP Server
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I would NOT uninstall MOSS 2007.

Being a little new at the whole SharePoint gig (been at it for about 6 or 7 months now full-time), and I've only been using SP2010 Server for a month now, I originally uninstalled MOSS 2007 in my test environment after I installed the In-Place upgrade of SharePoint 2010.

Things did not go so well.  Essentially, what I believe happens is that SP2010 still needs 2007 due to all of the layouts and settings that your existing sites are using from 2007 that are not included in 2010.

That's just me theorizing on what happened, but after I uninstalled 2007 from the Applications and Programs panel (Start > Run > appwiz.cpl), SharePoint failed to function correctly (actually, it wouldn't attach to the farm any more and i had to revert to a previously existing snap shot!

Bottom line:  SharePoint 2010 is installed, SharePoint 2007 is not running, so don't do anything to it.  It's just there for the "leftovers" that are needed due to you doing an in-place upgrade.

If you check, you also still have your 12 hive, and there are occasionally still things that get written there as well!  DON'T DELETE/UNINSTALL IT!
It's possible and I have been able to uninstall SP2007.

Detached the content database.
created a new web app and attached the content db.
configured up the aam, pool bind, ups, my site.
deleted the old web app and pool.
ran $sc=get-spsite http://<site>; $sc.getvisualreport() | format-table to determin what was left.
visual upgraded remaining 2 sites to v4
ran uninstall on SP2007 successfully.
Great!  Good info, I'll keep that in mind and try it out in my environment!  


Btw, funny - I was echoing your suggestion for a couple months and I finally decided to tackle. Good luck and snapshots are our friends!

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