Resource Mailbox for Conference room help

Hello all,

Exchange 2010
Server 2008

I followed (as closely as I could) steps from this page:

Here is a screenshot of my current attempt:
 screenshot of existing resource
It "looks" okay.  I have myself as the Delegate, and I have it to forward meeting requests to me (for testing).

The problem is when I request a meeting with a test account, I choose the attendees, choose the Room (Boardroom Resource *does* show up), and I hit send:  It behaves like any normal meeting request.  

I guess my understanding of this Resource Mailbox isn't correct.  I want to be able to request a meeting and, upon approval, have that meeting with the attendees/notes/subject show up on a "Boardroom Calendar" so-to-speak.  Something that every employee in the organization can open (calendar) and see what's planned or what's taken.

Make sense?

Right now after I send the test request, the meeting shows up on individual calendars as expected, but I can't seem to see anything on the Boardroom Resource calendar.

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You will need to open the resource as a MAPI account in Outlook to enable the free/busy to show, I almost always forget to do that on rooms of this nature.  Open it as a MAPI account and go to the calendar permissions and enable:  Free/Busy. Subject, Location and you should be good.

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devolebNetworksAuthor Commented:
Hey JD,

That definitely did the trick about being able to view the calendar events.  Thanks.

Is this how Resources are suppose to work?  Say UserA sends UserB, UserC, and UserD a meeting request in the resource:  Boardroom at 5pm.

All accept.  Does that mean that the meeting will now show up on both UserABCD caledars, AND the Boardroom resource?

If so, now the only way for UserZ to see if the Boardroom is available at 5pm is to File-->Open-->Other Users Folder--> Boardroom Calendar?

Thanks for the help.  And please help clarify!  :-)
That is how it is supposed to work.  Nope, if user Z wants to see what the availability of the Boardroom is, all they have to do is start the process of a new meeting request then at the top select 'Scheduling Assistant' in the bottom select Add Rooms and choose the Boardroom, or whatever room(s) is in question and you will see the Free/Busy time for each room(s).

Hope that helps.  :-)
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devolebNetworksAuthor Commented:

The Scheduling Assistant looks helpful, but I do not believe mine is working how it should.  I can select multiple recipients but I cannot check the Boardroom Resource.  Even the little "Choose an available room:" on the right has "None".

What happens if you click on the Boardroom?  It is not selected in this screenshot, also, is there anything scheduled that would show on that resource mailbox?
devolebNetworksAuthor Commented:
Same thing.  That stripped line shows up to the right.  If you hold your mouse over that stripe, the tooltip says "No free/busy information could be retrieved."  "Your server location could not be determined."

I don't think the Boardroom Resource is suppose to go on the left under "Names"... I would think it should show up at the right under "Available rooms"

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