error: Identifier expected


I have this code where at 3 places I get the error: Identifier expected.
Who knows the answer to my problem and is willing to help me?

public void LoadTree() 
            DataSet PrSet = PDataset("SELECT * FROM tree");
            foreach (DataRow dr in PrSet.Tables[0].Rows) 
                TreeNode n2 = new TreeNode(); 
                TreeNode n = new TreeNode(); 
                 n2 = FindNode(dr.["Parent"].Value);     <===========
                 n = tvNotes.Nodes.AddChild(n2,dr.["Name"].Value);   <===========
                 n.ImageIndex = (dr.["ImageIndex"].Value);           <===========
                 if (n.ImageIndex == FolderClose_Image_Index)
                  n.SelectedImageIndex = FolderOpen_Image_Index;
                 n.SelectedImageIndex = n.ImageIndex;
                 int p = (dr.["ID"].Value);
                 n.Text = Pointer(p);

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Peter KiersOperatorAsked:
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Don't you have an extra period?

n2 = FindNode(dr["Parent"].Value);
Peter KiersOperatorAuthor Commented:
yes I have
>>n.ImageIndex = (dr.["ImageIndex"].Value);          
remove the outmost ():
n.ImageIndex = dr.["ImageIndex"].Value;
   >>n2 = FindNode(dr.["Parent"].Value);    
FindNode() needs an object to proceed from: xxx.FindNode()
Fix these two, then we see what whould happen to the second one.

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Peter KiersOperatorAuthor Commented:
n.ImageIndex = dr.["ImageIndex"].Value;

Does not work either

Peter KiersOperatorAuthor Commented:
I still get the message: Identifier espected
Peter KiersOperatorAuthor Commented:
This will do:

n.Text = dr["Name"].ToString().Trim();
Peter KiersOperatorAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the help.

Ummm, wasn't the first response the correct answer then?
Kenneth BrownResearch AssociateCommented:
I know youve onlly posted a snippet, but FindNode is a member function of the treeview class.
you can only call it without a treeview object if youre inheriting from that class.
the three errors might thus be stemming from the fact that youre attempting to call FindNode as a global function. but ive no direct experience with this so apologies if im totally mistaken.
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