Will a Dell PowerEdge 2950 work well with ESX?

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There is a Dell PowerEdge 2950 that I have & I am looking for a test bed to start learning ESX.  Here is the specs of this unit:

1      NR941      Overpack Kit, 3R2S, Eolas Technologies Inc., English
1      H6183      Printed Wiring Assy, Riser Server, Server Chassis, DELL PE2950, PERIPHERAL COMPONENT INTERCONNECT EXPRESS ..., LEFT...
1      FC554      Printed Wiring Assy Input/output, CD-INTRPSR, PE2950
1      NC074      Assembly, Cable, CDROM-SIDEPLANE
1      KC411      Assembly, Cable SASX4-PERC5X4-X4BKPLN
1      RP272      Assembly, Card, PERC5I, Serial Attached Scsi, 1950, 2950
1      PC035      Assembly, Cable, FLOPPY-PLNR
1      PR265      Kit, Documentation/Compact Diskette, DOCUMENT OBJECT MODEL..., V5.1, WORLD WIDE...
1      0R215      Cord, Power, 15A, 125V, 10, 5-15/C13
1      GG460      Kit, Strain Relief, Cable, Power
1      FC475      Assembly, Cable, Control, Panel Sideplane
1      WM766      PRINTED WIRING ASSY..., Backplane, SERVER, SERVER CHASSIS..., Dell2950 3.5X4SAS
1      Y8132      Power Supply, 750W, Redundant Delta Products
1      YF441      Assembly, Cable, INPUT/OUTPUT..., 1FT, USB-PS2SV
8      D7538      Dual In-line Memory Module 512, 533M, 64X72, 8, 240, 1RX8
1      FG027      Card, Backplane, Key, TOE, 2PORT Enterprise Systems Group
1      MH181      Assembly, Printed Wiring Assy Planar, Mitac Inc, PE2950
1      TJ650      Processor, 80556K, Xeon Woodcrest, 5130, LGA771, Burn 2
1      TJ650      Processor, 80556K, Xeon Woodcrest, 5130, LGA771, Burn 2
4      UX837      Hard Drive, 160G, S2, 7.2K, 3.5 WD-HAWK
1      PD438      Assembly, COMPACT DISK READ WRITE/DIGITAL VIDEO DISK DRIVE COMBO..., 650M Hitachi LG Data Storage, Black
1      N8360      Assembly, Floppy Drive, 3.5 inches Form Factor, Controller /No Cable, NEC CORPORATION..., BLACK..., LEAD FREE...

It has 4 gb ram only also.

As stated above it will be for my in-house lab.  Curious to see if this is powerful enough to get into or should I look for another candidate?

Of course I would up the ram but what else is suggested?

Thanks fellas
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If you are just testing things out the 2950 will work great. There are lots of 2950's in production VM environments.
That config should be fine to get you started.

Throw in more memory, maybe an external storage option, and a couple of extra network cards.
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It should work ok - I would add a bit more RAM if possible unless you only hope to run one or two small virtual machines at a time.

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