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Have a server that is not part of the domian.  Attempted to RDC to it and got max sessions exceeded.

On a DC added the Terminal Server Manager as a snap-in into MMC.  But cannot access the server with the exceeded sessions.

Am I correct to assume the problem server needs to be a domain member?  If so any other options besides being at the console to resole?
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Yes the problem server needs to be a domain member.

Are you able to console into it?  mstsc /console or mstsc /admin  

How are you reaching the Terminal Server?  
-are you within the same subnet?
-VPN into network?
-public IP?
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No you don't have to add the machine to the domain.  The error comes up when you already have 2 users connected to the server via RDC.  It is possible you have 2 sessions from other machines left connected and/or not properly disconnected.

You can always try connecting to the console using the command line

mstsc /v:servername /console

If you have a later version of RDC, use

mstsc /v:servername /admin

Sorry, cyberkiwi is correct, it does NOT need to be a member in the domain.

Cyberkiwi is correct about the commandline options, not about the domain, in addition you need to use a local administrator account or a user that is a member of the (local) remote desktop users group.
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I don't understand, what part of the last comment resolved the issue for you

The machine does not need to be on the domain, and the error you get "max sessions exceeded" has nothing to do with permissions (local admin/remote desktop users) - you won't get as far as checking permissions when the max sessions has already been exceeded.

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