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We know that if you want to send email to a mail-enabled distribution group in exchange, each member in the group should have an entry in the AD and it should be mail enabled.

Our question is - we have several thousand external people that currently exist in AD. How do we add their "external email addresses" to exchange mail lists?
We are using exchange 2007.
Thanks in advance.

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So they are setup as mail-enabled contacts?  Are you hiding the contacts from the GAL?  If not, you should be able to add them.

You may need to run enbale-mailcontact from the exchange shell.
get-help enable-mailcontact -full
Enable-MailContact -Identity Ted -ExternalEmailAddress ""

Or as Jdtuck suggested to make sure they are not hidden from the GAL.
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ok, changing gears a bit here...more an ILM question.
We are trying to get mechanisms set to get AD populated correctly so that users will be mail enabled.
This work only applies to  several thousand (external) users that exist in AD (provisioned there via ILM pulling from a SQL server)
Their external email addresses do show up in AD but are not mail enabled, so we cannot see them in exchange GAL.
All these users exist in a separate tree in AD.
Currently ILM runs every 30 minutes and updates AD with any changes and or additions.
We need to adjust or add an ILM process to populate these AD users so that they are mail enabled as well, and have them show up in GAL.
Should I repost this with different tags?
Do these users exist in AD as user objects or contact objects?  

If contact objects, populate targetAddress.

If user objects, populate homeMdb, mdbUseDefault=TRUE, and alias = sAMAccountName and exchange should provision the mailbox.

You can add these as EAFs (Export Attribute Flow) on your ADMA in ILM.  Pull the homeMDB attribute off of an existing mailbox enabled user, and create an advanced EAF to populate a constant, and paste the full DN of the mail DB and storage group in there for the flow on those users.  The same with mdbUseDefault as a constant of true, and set a simple EAF where AD mailNickname = ILM uid (assuming that's your sAMAccountName. Assuming Exchange 2007 or 2010, also click the checkbox on the last page of the ADMA configuration for enabling provisioning of Exchange 2007 or 2010 mailboxes.  This calls the update-recipient powershell cmdlet to stamp addresses since we deprecated RUS in Exchange 2003.

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Apologies for the delay. Busy on many fronts (as we all are ;-)
Jim, Many thanks for this. Will review with the team next week.

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