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Thomas Anthony
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I am trying to connect a Droid to my SBS2003. I am using the following directions:

For the built in Sync for the droid (this method does not support client ssl). You do the following:
1.      from your home screen open "Settings"
2.      Select "Accounts & sync settings"
3.      Click "Add an Account"
4.      Select "Corporate"
5.      Enter the email address you will sending from
6.      Enter your password
7.      Check if you want to send from this account by default
8.      Click next
9.      Enter the Domain Name ("domain".com) and username to login with
10.      Enter the password for that login
11.      Adjust the Exchange Server if it is not correct.
12.      Make sure "Use secure connection (SSL) is checked
13.      Check "Accept all SSL certificates" if you use a self signed certificate.
14.      Then click "Next".
15.      The phone should now check and validate your connection settings.
16.      It should then start to sync.

I have everything else turned on in the server because we were able to use Windows Mobile phones with active sync. My server is server01.
What am I missing?
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You don't say what is happening? i.e if you get an error message or it just times out

What error is the phone giving you?  Are you sure SSL is required on your network, might try turning it off on the phone to see what happens.
Thomas AnthonySecurity Administrator


I'm sorry. The screen looks different on the droid when I get to #9. It asks for domain/username, passord. Do I enter  and then the password?
no you enter the netbios domain if you use a \
i.e mydomain\dave
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What are you missing?
Possibly my article about Exchange 2003 / Activesync: 
Please have a read and shout if you get stuck anywhere.

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