Check Exchange 2010 Mailbox for problems?

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We recently built an exchange 2010 server and migrated mailboxes from an Exchange 2003 server. We are on RU4 and running server 2008 enterprise edition 64 bit. It is a virtual machine with plenty of resources for its load (8 CPU's and 32GB RAM, currently hosting about 350 mailboxes. Most mailboxes are under 150MB)

Everything on the server seems to be working properly, we have several users that connect android based phones to sync their mail, calendar, and contacts.

We have several users operating on Motorola i1 android phones on the Nextel network. One user in particular has his email ap on the phone "crash" every couple of minutes bringing up the "force close" or "wait" options. We have tried configuring his mail profile on another phone of the same model/version and experienced the same problem. We then configured a different users mail profile on the phone and it worked fine, so we have ruled out the phone, and service as being a problem.

Oddly, this users mail profile works on other phone models such as the Verizon DROID and also worked when the Touchdown ap was installed on the Motorola i1, however neither of these solutions work as he needs the Nextel push-to-talk functionality on the phone, and Touchdown is not compatible with this.

On the exchange server, I attempted to perform a local move request with a destination target of another database on the same server. I have tried this several times over the past week and I have only got it to actually move on one attempt, it took 1 hour and 47 minutes to move and reported 0 "bad items". Other times i have waited over 3 hours and it hangs at 20% completion. The mailbox is just under 300MB, so should take no longer than 10 - 15 minutes to move. All other mailboxes can be moved without a problem.

The problem with the phone persisted after the one successful mailbox move. Due to the problem with the mailbox move hanging I believe there is some type of corruption or problem with the mailbox, and the application used by the Motorola i1 does not perform error handling as well as other applications and phone models that do not present this problem. Is there any type of utility I can use to check the mailbox for problems?
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First can do you a .pst backup of the users mailbox ?
On the phone if you only synch the mail does the work function properly without crashing ?

As a last option you could delete his mailbox and then recreate it and import the backed up .pst file.

But first can you try the following:

Go to Exchange Management Shell and typ the following:

Set-Mailbox -Identity -ApplyMandatoryProperties

and then

Set-Mailbox -Identity -database "Name Of Your Second Mailbox Database"



It throws the error even when it is only configured to sync email and I uncheck calendar and contacts. Additionally, it is set to only download the previous 3 days worth of messages and the problem has been persisting for over a week, so doesn't appear to be any particular message.

Ran both shell commands successfully, it did not resolve.

I exported the mailbox to a PST file, created a test user account, imported the contents of the PST to that test user mailbox, configured a phone to use the test user mail profile and it still throws the error.

For daily backups we are using Backup Exec 2010 with exchange agent, and they are running successfully

I am stumped, it has to be contents of the mailbox even though we told it not to sync contacts or calendar, and the problem has persisted longer than the time period of mail it should sync. I guess at this point I will start deleting items (contacts/calendar entries/etc) from the test user mailbox and try to narrow it down further. I would appreciate any other ideas you might have.
You said that when you tried to set up another users mailprofil on the mobile device it worked successfully and when you tried setting up the user (user with the error messages) profile on another phone there was still an error.

I've had some similar issues, where we isolated the issue to a few corrupted calendar entrys on several users, we did exactly what you mentioned (started deleting items within contacts, calendar and so on),

though what you can try before doing this is to use the repair tools, you can find information about them here:

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Tried the scan PST tool and it reported that it found problems and fixed them, but when re-imported into the users profile the errors remain. Before I start deleting items I think I am going to plan a maintenance window to install SP1 and try the new New-MailboxRepairRequest utility that it provides.

I will keep you posted. Thanks for the help.
Sounds good, keep us updated!


The New-MailboxRepairRequest command didn't seem to help at all.. I have now exported all of the problem mailbox users folders/calendars/contacts/etc to individual PSTs and am importing those one at a time to the test user to see where it breaks.
corrupted folder under inbox was causing the issue



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