ssrs report footer 'pinned' to bottom of last page

I have a report that has a legal disclaimer that must fall at the bottom of the last page of the report.  I have read many people have tried to work around this problem.  I can put it in a text box at the bottom of the report body, but it does not stay pinned to the bottom.  I put in a page footer then set it to hidden=true for all pages except for the last, but that leaves blank space at the bottom of all other pages.  Does anyone have a better way to handle this problem?
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I *think* you can solve the positioning problem by clicking on the text you are using as your footer, click on Properties on the right side of the report, scroll down till you see Layout, expand it, expand location and adjust left/top postions.

You may do the same for your main report you are creating a footer for.

Good luck.
jat0818Author Commented:
You can set the position that way, but it does not stick.  It will float up the page and end up just below the data table.
How many lines is your disclaimer?  If its holding spaces, can you put the message in the dataset and then retreive it in the text box instead of writing it out?   That way it should only hold the amount of space which equals the size of the text box.
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Use the report footer and in the Visibity-hide expression place this in it.....
= IIF(Globals!PageNumber <> Globals!TotalNumber,  True , False)
jat0818Author Commented:
I could possibly get it in the dataset and set a text box to use that field as its source, but I do not see how that would help to get it to stay fixed at the bottom of the page.

I can do it that way for this particular report, but it does reserve that space on every page other than the last.  On another report that I have, the footer is about 4" tall.  I cannot leave that much blank space on all of the the other pages.

Does anybody know if it is possible to modify properties such as location in the Report Code section?  I can see how to change the value, visibility, etc. but the location property cannot accept an expression.
If you shrink the text box and use planocz's suggestion it should not hold any spaces.  Could you provide some screen shots so we can see?
jat0818Author Commented:
Ok, I understand what you are saying.  I only populate the text box on the last page.  That should work fine for this disclaimer, however I have some with much more complicated footers.  It requires many fields, different formatting, underlines for users to sign, etc.  There is no way I can get all of it in a single control.  What I would really like is to put all of this in some sort of container (rectangle??) and position that at the bottom of the last page of the report.
Any thoughts as how I could accomplish that?

I do appreciate the input so far.  
of course a rectangle is the only way is ssrs to acheive complex formating such as underlining certain things but not others. It takes some trial and error.  I would give it a shot and if you get stuck open a new ticket here.

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