exchange 2003 to 2010 cross forest migration

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I have a question. I will be migrating everything using ADMT from one forest to another.
Should I set up exchange 2010 with the same host name as the old exchange 2003 or it doesn't matter?

If I have a different host name for the exchange 2010 will I need to go to each workstation and reconfigure outlook profile to use a new exchange 2010? Is it better to give Exchange 2010 the same host name and what are possible problems that I can have if I give the same name.

According to Microsoft, Active Directory Migration Tool migrates profile to the new forest so I don't have to setup it. Will I have to go to each PC and reconfigure outlook to use new exchange or it will be automatically changed.

Thank you
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the host name could be different I don't see why not, but to avoid any troubles I will suggest change it.
you will do that even if you used the same name, however if you are using outlook 2007/2010 autodiscover will configure the profile automatically.
I agree with busbar, regarding the host name. However regarding profile recreation, just wanted to point out a fact, since you do a cross-forest migration, if your users use their old user domain account (in the old domain) to map up their respective exchange mailbox (which has been migrated), you will need to create new profiles, this solely if the users are using outlook 2007, if the users have outlook 2010, they can map up their mailboxes in the new domain using their old account (if they two forests have a two-way trust between them).
But if the user are logging on with their new domain accounts (on their client computers), what busbar said is absolutely correct!

From my experience when doing cross-forest migrations I do this with powershell, I have provided a good option and description of the whole cross-forest migration from exchange 2003 to exchange 2010 here:

Wanted to point out that there are more options than just using ADMT,



Is it better to use the old server's IP address or the new one?



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